Have you been contacted by us but don’t know why?

There are a number of reasons you may be contacted by ourselves.

Have you applied for a insurance recently? If so (and you agreed to third party marketing when initially applying) many companies pass over these applications to us as we can usually help.

If you’ve not made an application then it may be that someone when filling in an online insurance application has made a mistake and inputted an incorrect email address or mobile number. You would be surprised how frequently this happens as many people shopping around for insurance are looking for an on-line quotation rather than making direct contact with the insurance providers. This doesn’t make the situation any better for you but we can help.

We understand how inconvenient it can be receiving unwanted marketing messages and from our perspective we have no interest in sending SMS or emails to people who are not interested in our services – it costs us money to send these.

To unsubscribe from marketing messages from ourselves, email to contact@shieldwise.co.uk and we’ll ensure you are added to our suppression lists so no further contact is made. Please note this is normally done instantly but we do ask to allow 48 hours for our systems to be fully updated.