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Car insurance is when the owner of a vehicle pays a certain amount annually, which is known as the annual premium to an insurer. The insurer in turn protects the owners’ vehicle and takes care of all legal obligations. The annual premium you are paying for your car insurance depends on the type of coverage you choose.

What are the types of car insurance?

Before we know how to get a quote for cheap car insurance, we need to know the types of car insurance available. If you are like me, you would like to know the options you have before you jump to any conclusions.

Third party only policy

This is the lowest level of cheap car insurance available. The cover for third party car insurance is very minimal. It provides coverage for damages caused to other cars, but not to your own.

For example, if you are involved in a car accident and the accident happened because of you, they would not pay for the damages caused to your car.

The damages caused to the other party would be covered by this policy. Any damages caused to the passengers in your car are also covered by this policy.

Fire and theft (third party insurance policy)

This is a middle of the range insurance policy, which will cover damages done to other vehicles by your vehicle in a car accident plus it will cover any damages done to the passengers in your car too. It also ensures damages caused by fire and even vehicle theft if it were to be stolen.

Fully comprehensive insurance policy

In one word this insurance policy will cover everything. Starting from the coverage provided by the third party only policy and additionally, it will even cover the costs for accidents which you are to blame for, they will pay for the repairs and in the case that your vehicle is totalled, they will pay for the value of the vehicle.

This policy also covers the costs of treatment of any personal injury which was a result of the accident.

Tips for cheap car insurance

1. Look around

This is one of the easiest ways to find out about cheap car insurance. Try to Google and search for different car insurance providers. Go to their website and ask for a quote.

Compare quotes from different insurance providers, see which is the best option. This is one of the easiest ways to cut the cost of car insurance. You could be able to save more than hundreds of pounds on your insurance policy premium.

Just do your homework, use online comparison websites, they exist to help make our life easier so people like you can get the best possible deal on their insurance policy.

It is always beneficial to look around when shopping for insurance policies because you never know what you are missing out on.

2. Add the names of drivers on your policy

It is important to add the names of the people who will drive your car. For example, if you are getting a family car, it is logical to believe more than one person will be driving it, so add the names of the people who will be driving your car.

3. Protecting the no claims bonus

The more years you can go without claiming your insurance the lower your insurance premium will be. For example, if you have a scratch on your car, fixing is inexpensive.

If you claim it on your insurance, you will lose the no claims bonus, which could have reduced your premium significantly. Thus, helping you to get cheap car insurance.

4. Ensuring the safety of your vehicle

One of the main things insurers look at when giving out car insurance is how safe you can keep your car. If you have a garage and keep it there overnight the chances of you getting a lower premium are higher.

This is because it is harder to steal your car from the inside of a garage than to steal it from a road when parked outside. Another thing is you will not have to scrape ice from the windows of your car as it will be inside.

5. Take additional driving courses

If you are a new driver you can look to take driving courses which can help you get lower premiums from insurers.

Have we missed out on tips to get cheap car insurance? If we have, let us know about them in the comment section.

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