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The majority of car insurance companies provide coverage. Close your eyes and pick a car insurance company, it will be able to give you the coverage you want. But what sets apart the top 10 car insurance companies from the rest, is the premium they charge.

Every time an insurance company sells insurance to a consumer, they are betting on that person. Through the eyes of insurance companies, they associate risk with the chances of the customer making a claim or not.

If the person getting car insurance is between the ages of 17-25, they are considered a young driver and have higher chances of making a claim.

This is because young people are statistically more likely to speed over the limit and drive carelessly. This increases the chances of them getting in an accident more.

Thus, car insurance companies identify them as high risk and charge a higher premium from young drivers.

Now, that we understand how car insurance companies identify risk, it is time to discuss the top 10 car insurance companies currently.

John Lewis car insurance

John Lewis Finance has been in the game for more than 150 years. They have been building their reputation over the dacades and today they stand as one of the top finance companies offering not only car insurance, but also loans, money transfers and more.

With John Lewis car insurance you will be covered with features like misfuelling cover, uninsured driver protection, UK call center service, courtesy car provision and onward travel cover. John Lewis comes in as our top pic on this top 10 list.

LV= car insurance

LV= car insurance is our second pic of the lot. They come in with great prices and great trustworthiness.

LV offers car insurance in the EU from as little as 200 Euros per month with 10% of new customers paying this minimum price.

Included in their cover we have accidental damage cover, European cover, misfuelling cover, uninsured driver promise and much more.

Aviva car insurance

The number 3 spot in the top 3 goes to Aviva car insurance. They have been in the UK car insurance industry for a long time and the statistics show that 94% of customers would recommend them to a friend.

Aviva has competitive pricing and they include uninsured driver promice, recovery transport and a 3 year guarantee on repairs.

Direct Line car insurance

Direct Line car insurance is a 5-star rated insurance provider with 90% of customers rating then as easy and hassle-free to work with.

This is a great benefit when the process of insurance can be relatively stressful. Direct Line offers mulit-car discounts and black box insurance for young drivers.

Saga car insurance

Saga car insurance is another of our top 10 picks. They offer good coverage and competitive pricing. With Saga car insurance you will be able to get the process over and done with in a matter of minutes.

Churchill car insurance

Churchill insurance has been providing insurance since 1989 making then one of the well known and well established names in the game.

They offer not only car insurance, but also home, life and pet insurance. Other key offers include mulit-car discounts and over 50s car insurance.

Tesco Finance car insurance

Tesco Bank is one of the biggest global corporations around today. You will see their name all over the world stretching over many continents. They also offer can insurance that is competitive with the other names in the industry. This is a top 10 choice without a doubt.

Age Co car insurance

Age Co car insurance is our next pick. They have been in the industry for many years and they offer very similar options compared to the other picks.

A nice thing about Age Co insurance is that they have different packages for people over 60, for people over 70, as well as for people over 80.

More Than Car Insurance

More Than Car Insurance will help you save money on your car insurance in any way possible. They offer comprehensive car insurance and anyone is free to inquire about a quote.

They also have a Smart Wheels young driver package that saves money for young drivers.

Admiral car insurance

Admiral car insurance is a reputable choice. They offer other services as well like pet insurance, home insurance, and a variety of loans.

Admiral car insurance will get you covered with single car insurance, multi-car insurance, travel insurance and they even offer car finance.

Hopefully, these options have given you some insight into the best UK based car insurance companies so that you can make your best choice. This was our list of top 10 car insurance companies of 2020.

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